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Listen To What Others Are Saying About Aaron Jaxon's Free 45 Minute Bluegrass Flatpicking Crash Course 



 Drew Simon

"Aaron was able to take years and years of bluegrass styles and history and distill it all down into an easy to follow guide that had me practicing alongside him for the entire time! There's no need to keep searching the internet for the one-stop guide for all bluegrass basics because Aaron has it for you all here!"

Dwight Rollins

"I'm currently taking bluegrass flatpicking guitar from both Peghead Nation and Artistworks. Aaron Jaxon's 45 minute free lesson is on that level.  It will supercharge your  playing and confidence. Sometimes professionals are great players and not good teachers: but Aaron has a way of making the difficult seem do-able. Thank you Mr. Jaxon"-

Perry Mollan

"I recently jumped in to Aaron Jaxon's free 45 minute bluegrass flatpicking tutorial and it has opened up a window in to a whole new style of playing! This course is packed with so much information, tablature, step by step breakdowns, and references that I will be spending many hours in the weeks to come trying to perfect. Thank you Aaron, this course is awesome!

Ken Deifik

"Having learned flatpicking guitar from a million YouTube videos over the last four years, I am pleased to say that Aaron Jaxon's lessons have taught me more important skills that just about any of the other teachers out there. He has a knack for getting right to the point, often teaching skills I didn't even realize I need to know, skills that instantly took their place in my Bluegrass vocabulary"

Cliff Butler 

"I saw this "free: opportunity on Facebook and had already looked Aaron up and thought  I would give this a shot. I got more information that I had expected but, the best part for me was the cross picking and right hand exercises. I use them every time I practice. I am doing things now that I had never been able to do before. I can't begin to guess the value I got from following through with this video. It's a GREAT thing for anyone wanting to improve their guitar skills" -

Ed Baumae

"Excellent lessons, clear, and to the point. Very helpful"

Mike Spangler 

"Aaron: I found that your FREE 45 minute bluegrass lead guitar crash course has the perfect mix of practice techniques for improving my lead playing with some nice fiddle tunes that bring those techniques int good use! You not only showed my solid techniques to practice to improve my playing skills, but how I could utilize them in actual bluegrass tunes. Your teaching method really helped me to get the most out of this course. Thanks for offering a truly beneficial course! 

Dan Green

"Aaron, thanks for much for the bluegrass flat picking crash course. I've played guitar for 50 years mostly rock and blues. After I retired I've been tackling other styles. Travis picking, modern country and even a bit of  jazz. Flat picking at speed is a challenge, but your crash course contains enough material to keep me busy for a while. highly recommend you as an instructor and thanks again for the material." 

Jerry Fitzpatrick 

"I am very grateful thatI found Aaron's free bluegrass flatpicking crash course. He breaks things down at a level that is easy to follow. He doesn't talk on and on and goes at the right speed for me. He doesn't teach too slow or too fast. I am learning bluegrass licks that I could never pick up on my own. I am starting to build my own arsenal of licks. I really appreciate you Aaron"-

Hal Meyers 

"Hey Aaron! I absolutely positively watched every second of your 45 minute free bluegrass flatpicking video lesson. It's absolutely incredible. What you teach, how you teach it is perfect. I was so impressed that I even forwarded the email with the link to several of my friends who are also looking to expand their flatpicking abilities. Thank you so much!"-

Posey Hedges 

"Aaron, thanks for the free 45-minute lesson. your helpful tips are now part of my daily practice, and I use the warm-ups every time I first pick up the instrument for the day. That  45 minutes was SO PACKED with useful information. Many thanks to you and your solid teaching style. I'm making great strides in improving my technique. Even the members of my band have commented!"

Daniel Hall

"Aaron Jaxon's Free 45 Minute Bluegrass Flatpicking Crash Course will definitely help guitarists get on the right track to improving their flatpicking skills. I know because it's dramatically improved my alternate picking speed, cross-picking speed, dexterity and overall enjoyment of the guitar."

Steve McAloon

"I signed up and received Aaron's 45 Minute Bluegrass Flatpicking Crash Course. Loved the licks he taught on there and still go back to them often as I try to develop my bluegrass playing. You're an excellent teacher and player Aaron. Much thanks"

Viktor Strand

"Aaron Jaxon's lessons are the best! My picking has improved extremely and my passion for bluegrass guitar is growing even more with every video lesson I watch. Thank you so much!"

Charles Gray

"Aaron's instructions are clear and very applicable to learning bluegrass guitar. If you have been puzzled trying to learn bluegrass phrasing and technique, this is an invaluable resource. Thanks Aaron!"

Wren W.

"I recently came upon Aaron Jaxon's flatpicking crash course and what a great day that was (and is). He is upbeat, efficient in his lessons and explanations, and bottom line has excited me about learning bluegrass guitar and honing  my skills. So grateful."

Marc Davis

"Aaron's free bluegrass video lesson was outstanding. There was a great deal of information packed into this excellent video. The lesson included guitar tabs as well as sheet music to cover the exercises and songs that were presented. I've got weeks of practice ahead of me in order to get up to speed with all the information that was demonstrated in a easy to follow and well explained manner." 

John Lambie

" Aaron Jaxon starts from scratch and puts you on the pathway to musical accomplishment. I've played guitars since I was twelve, sung with many folk groups and performed on community stages in the USA and England, and Scotland, but never grown picking sweet tunes on guitar, mandolin or banjo. No more. With Aaron's simple steps and drills, his instructions have taken me from finger picking to adding new dimensions in leads and harmonies with a flat pick. Cheers, Aaron and big gratitude."